Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 14: Farväl

The Pioneers' Crafts 
Today was the last day of Pioneer the World Camp at the Swedish American Museum. The children have been learning about different customs, new dances, and fun crafts from around the world.
The mood was celebratory, a fine end to a fine session. It was my last day too. I was rushing to finish my Swedish sites project before I ended for the summer. Using the museum's database, I was able to find a number of pictures of sites that were long gone or that I wasn't able to visit. I put on my trusty cotton muslin gloves and scanned the photos at 600 pixels. I was relieved to find two beautiful photographs of the Salem Lutheran Church, one exterior and one interior
(I will add these to the entries on Swedish-American churches). I was able to obtain a number of lovely photos from a brochure on the Swedish Club. Looking through booklet, I was amazed at how many services the Club offered. There were bars, dining areas, a restaurant, administrative rooms, a music room, and lovely lounging areas. It is a shame the organization no longer exists.
The format of my project is as follows: a photo or several photos of the landmark, followed by its title and location, then a short description. All this must fit on a word document, because they will be printed, put in plastic sleeves, and placed in a binder that will be on display in the museum. The file will also be sent to Riksföreningen Sverigekontakt, or the National Society of Sweden Contact. Their website,, lists the various Swedish landmarks around the world. The museum has access to the rest of the photos if they wished to send in larger versions. With that, I ended my summer internship. The time I spent at the Swedish American Museum gave me a better perspective on educating the public with pieces of history. I will definitely be back to visit or volunteer at the museum. 

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